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Know More About How to Choose the Best Gerbil Cage: They Need Care!

Gerbils make the cutest pets! Yeah, that’s true. Once you pet a gerbil, there’s no looking back. But these desert rats require extra care when kept in captive habitats. They are fiercely active and love playing around. Therefore, particular attention must be given to select their new home.

Sturdy and spacious!

These tiny animals love to jump and dig. Make sure their new habitat has such arrangements like tunnels, and bridges so that it can play well. They are voracious chewers, so it’s better not to use plastic cages. Although those are very famous, due to their light-weight and portable characteristics, they tend to have a pungent smell after few days. Moreover, the gerbil is going to chew down the plastic, and all that is left will be ruins.

Focus on the ventilation

Gerbils require proper ventilation in their living area. Either one can opt for wire cages with a fitted lid or aquariums furnished with adequate bedding for them. The wire cages are easy to clean and have proper ventilation. Plus, one can also attach accessories to make it more entertaining for gerbils.

Make sure the opening of the cages are small, not more than half-an-inch or else the little fur ball can squeeze itself out of it. Another disadvantage of using a wire habitat is that the gerbil will try to chew it out, and in that process, it might hurt itself.

Are tanks the best choice?

The most popular option according to The American Gerbil Society is aquarium tanks. They provide a few guidelines:

  1. 10-gallon tank for one or two gerbils
  2. 15-gallon tank for three of them.
  3. 20-gallon tank for four
  4. 30-gallon tank for six of them.

Tanks provide a larger surface area for the pet to play and dig around. They will not only provide a safe environment for the gerbil but also prevents kids, or other pets from harassing your little friend. It is pretty easy to clean.

Going for glass tanks?

If the gerbil is to be kept in a glass aquarium, one must ensure to fix a lid with the containers for the safety of the gerbil. Either it can be purchased from the market or DIY it, my friend! Please do not freak out. It is not a difficult task. You can take ideas from Pinterest or various websites like The Gerbil Forum.

The only problem with an aquarium is that it requires special water bottle attachment for the gerbil to drink water. One must remember to purchase the unique accessory or shield to attach the bottle.

Do not forget the bedding!

An essential part while setting up a new home for the pet is to focus on the bedding of the container. A few tips from the experts:

  1. Try to fill at least half of the enclosure with the bedding because gerbils love to dig down.
  2. Hay is a brilliant choice as it can allow the gerbils to burrow keeping their instinct It’s recommended using in combination with carefresh for some hydration.
  3. If one is short on cash, shredded paper can also be an option for them. But make sure it doesn’t have any ink on it. Although using paper might sound affordable, but it does make the cage very smelly and dirty!
  4. Add-on some corncobs for that extra soft feel.
  5. Pine or cedar wood shavings are a big NO-NO! They can cause respiratory problems for the pet.

Once all of the above is taken care of, the furry creature is all set to go on a new adventure just like Cinnamon’s day out!


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