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Is Synthetic Urine Your Best Bet To Pass The Drug Test?

There is a common practice employed by leading multi-national companies to carry drug test either during employment of personnel or in regular intervals in a particular time span. These companies have taken up 0% drug policy and to ensure that the policy is maintained these tests are necessary.

What is the need of using a synthetic urine sample?

Nowadays, many of us indulge in recreational marijuana which may compromise the test results. These recreational drugs have almost no effect on the professional conduct of a person but traces of these drugs found in drug test may jeopardize a person’s career. Many people often indulge in using a synthetic urine sample to fake the drug test. The question may come to the reader’s mind “ Why risk so much instead of using a detoxing kit?” Here are some reasons why synthetic urine is better than a detox kit:


  • The detox kits are either mostly of poor quality or fake ones.
  • The effectiveness of this detox drink lasts for about a few hours.
  • There is a very strict set of rules that need to be followed while using this kit.

Why one should prefer synthetic urine over detox kit?

Instead of going through so much hassle we can easily get ourselves a kit of a synthetic urine from Ouchclub.com and pass the drug test easily.  The other reason why one should prefer synthetic urine instead of detox kit is, there are chances the detox kit may fail to mask the toxins and one can surely not gamble with his career like that.

Hacks to check the genuinity of the sample:

The synthetic urine sample sold by Ouchclub.com are completely genuine and free from any adulterants. To enlighten our readers, here are some hacks to check the genuinity of your synthetic urine sample:

  • The sample should look and smell like urine.
  • It should contain substances like urea, uric acid, and creatinine.
  • The temperature and pH are another important factors which you must check to ensure the genuinity of your synthetic kit.

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