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How to Pass a Drug Test ina Short Span of Time?

Have you smoked marijuana recently? Got a drug test coming up? Well, if you are scrolling down and reading up articles with specific keywords, clearly your system needs to flush out marijuana! What you need is – a bit of knowledge and a proper marijuana detox format. Most of the websites however do not provide the correct strategy of doing the same, which is why you need to check out authentic websites like ouchclub.com.

Strategy should always be – study the correct techniques for proper resolution.


What you must know –

When one consumes marijuanatetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) levels increases drastically. In fact, this is the ‘X – factor’ that is responsible to get you ‘high’ and THC level is determined by the amount you consume and the metabolism levels of your body. Also, the total body fat and product that you consume (concentrates vs floral) has a role to play in the tests conducted.

Types of drug tests

Normally, there are 3 kinds of drug tests that are conducted –

  1. Blood Test – The usual process to identify the level of THC in your bloodstream
  2. Urinalysis –In this testing process, the TCH-COOH (metabolized version of THC) is placed against THC to note the level in the urine
  3. Hair Test – Though it is one of the ‘not-so-used’ technique but it is used to measure the TCH-COOH level in your hair follicles

How to pass the test?

Given that these 3 are most opted test formats, here are some techniques to clear the same –

  1. Go in for a detox program of 4-6 weeks and add on regular exercise routine too
  2. To cleanse your body from the tetrahydrocannabinol levels you can use detoxification products from notable websites
  3. Same-day cleansers are another of those easy formats to clean up your system and flush out the TCH
  4. Effective dosage of Vitamin B (50-100 mg) before the test is another way to pass your drug test
  5. Creatinine supplements (chemical waste product created by muscular metabolism) are also a process to flush out the toxins from your system

Apart from above-mentioned procedures, in case you have time, do make sure that you check out the detox drinks (both natural and artificial) available over the counters.

So, are these details clarified? Well, do make sure that you follow authentic sites as the likes of ouchclub.com to not just know the specifics of this test but clear it with ease.

A caution: Do keep your marijuana consumption in check – too much can be too bad!

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