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Factors You Should Consider while Choosing a Photographer for a Prom

When you are choosing a photographer for a prom, there are several considerations you need to think of. From photography type to cost, many factors will play a role in your eventual decision.

Photography type

First and foremost, you have to decide on the type of photography you want for a prom. You can choose to have candid pictures taken throughout the event. Even though it is not that common, few high schools do decide on having candid photographs taken at their prom.

The most common type of photography at proms, however, is the one taken in a studio setup. The photographer will set up a studio where friends and couples can pose for pictures. It is the preferred type of photography in proms because it allows the photographer to control its background and lighting. It results in better pictures being clicked during the occasion

photographer for a prom

On-site printing

The next thing you need to consider is whether you want photographs printed on site. In the case of on-site printing, you get physical copies of the pictures on the spot. Before the printing, you can ask for a preview. Most professional photographers offer both options for on-site printing and printing later. No matter which method you choose, you are likely to get a preview of pictures


Most photographers for events such as proms would charge a certain booking fee. You can visit this link for billing information at http://thepromphotographers.co.uk/school-prom-photo-studio/ This fee varies depending on who you choose and the scale of the event itself. It is advisable to decide on the cost beforehand. It would help in avoiding any misunderstanding on the actual date of the occasion. Sometimes, large schools may be able to book a photographer for a prom without a booking fee.

Most photographers these days have a website of their own. You can visit their websites to get an idea of the kinds of events they cover. You will also get a clue about what to expect from them, as far as their photography style is concerned. Try looking for a photography company that has previous experience of covering events like proms.

Going ahead with the booking

When you have decided on a photographer for a prom, you can contact them and finalise the booking. Specify the date, time and location for the prom. Make sure there is always a point of contact for continuous communication whenever the need arises.

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