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Ultimate Guide to Gerbil Care: Say Hello to the Little Furry Friend!

Well, who doesn’t love pets?

Okay, there might be a few people (let us leave them aside)! However, these little furry Mongolians are inevitably going to win your heart.

So, these fascinating little creatures are quite entertaining. They make funny yet incredibly smart pets.

Wondering whether it’s a rodent or a mouse?

This cute little beast is halfway between a rodent and a hamster. They are mostly found in abundance in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Earlier this species was referred as “the desert rat.”

Later, they were introduced to America where people started keeping them as pets. The most attractive feature of a gerbil is their eyes which are either jet black or ruby red.

A glimpse of some facts about gerbils!

  • Gerbils go by the scientific name Gerbilinae and belong to the class Mammalia.
  • Now that is too much science in one line, but it is always good to know some, right?
  • Their size varies from 2.5 to 6 inches, and they have a long and furry tail. There are around hundred various species of gerbils available currently.
  • These furry creatures have different body colours starting from agouti to black, beige, and multiple shades of orange.
  • They have a specific self-defence mechanism by which a gerbil can shed their tails if required to escape a predator.

Focus on the pet’s care

  1. Please feed them every day

These are omnivorous animals, but they love to eat vegetarian matter especially seeds and fruits. If it gets difficult for the owner to get fresh food, one can always opt for readymade packaged food available online.

  1. Try to keep them in a large habitat

The adequate habitat for a gerbil is a 10-gallon tank. You can also opt for different types of cages. These little ones are going to spend the rest of their lives here. So make sure, it is the biggest one you can afford. Moreover, gerbils like a quiet environment. It’s essential that you position their habitat such that other pets cannot reach out to them.

  1. Fulfil their water requirements

Although these are desert animals, they require water when kept in captivity. Specially designed bottles are available for gerbil care. Keep checking it every day so that it does not run dry. Pet gerbils need constant access to water.

  1. Make sure you buy toys for them

Gerbils are very active animals and require frequent entertainment. It is advisable to either purchase or make some toys for them to play. Some construction can also be created inside the tank or cage so that they can play. For example, a tunnel or a bridge.

Do not forget to clean them regularly: Make sure they get a thorough clean-out every week to ensure their proper hygiene.

  1. Focus on their well-being and health

There are a lot of factors which can be checked to know whether this little friend is okay. First and foremost, check the hair and other parts of the gerbil. The hair must be free of any flakes! The body shouldn’t have any lumps. If you find any such problem, you should immediately take your gerbil to the vet.

Gerbils have become a favourite amongst pets. They are cute, entertaining, and smart. But, make sure there is always parental supervision if a kid looks after this pet. They need special care and attention!

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