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How to Find the Best Pet Food? Get the Best Advice Right Here!

What is the definition of good pet food?

One must be thinking, ah there are so many pet food advertisements on the televisions, pick one from there, right? Well, all the ads do not provide authentic information. There’s a lot of alluring things shown which are not always accurate.

Before buying packaged food for a pet, one must ensure the following:

  1. Consider the pet’s age.
  2. Think about its breed or species.
  3. What is it’s reproductive status?
  4. How active is the pet?

Now, it’s recommended by veterinarians to cook fresh food for the pets. But, in this busy schedule, people often do not get the time or have the patience. So, they opt for packaged readymade food!

Well, packaged food items aren’t pathetic, but there are a lot of things to keep-in-mind.

What are those key aspects?

  • Beware! Check the packaging labels thoroughly.

Most of the pet food companies add fillers and chemicals which might harm your pet. So, what are the key factors which one might check for on the food packaging?

  1. Crude fibre content
  2. Hydration or moisture content.
  3. Fat content.
  4. Proteins present.

Do not fall for terms like “gourmet food” or “premium quality”. Those are just meaningless words used to allure pet owners.

  • High protein content, and low fillers

Proteins are essential for the proper muscular development of any pet. Ensure that the food label has the vital ingredients mentioned there such as turkey, beef, and chicken.

Make sure not to purchase items which have chicken by-products or meat by-products. These packaged items might contain more amount of fillers which have been named as by-products.

  • Go for whole grains!

It should ideally have more amount of whole grains because that would provide your pet with intact fibre. Once again do not get food which has by-products of wholegrain like white flour, wheat germs, bran, and others. In case of by-products, the nutritional value reduces a lot.

  • Are veggies right for the pet?

Packaged food undergoes a lot of processing which destroys most of the natural content such as antioxidants, or vitamins. One must add these as a supplement to the food provided to their respective pets. An all-veggie diet is a big NO-NO! But, a slice of carrot or a bunch of spinach can be added. That is going to enhance the nutritional aspect of the meal.

Some general tips!

  1. Whether one has a dog, a cat, or a hamster, its necessary to give them the food which is perfect according to their needs!
  2. Cooking for the pet is perfectly alright, but, it must be done Raw food might not be suitable for your pet. So, before feeding the pets, please consult a veterinarian.
  3. Look for the AFFCO This label indicated that the food is “complete and balanced” for a particular life-stage for the animal.
  4. Do not force the pets to eat and maintain portion control. Too much food can not only lead to stomach upset but also can cause stomach upset and degrade the digestive system in the long-run!

To find the best pet food one has to balance between their trust in a brand, the cost, and of course what their pet likes.

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